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    WAN Traffic on port 8081

      I have 13 sites. All have a superagent repository. The agents select their repositories by subnet distance. None of the superagents are down, yet my firewalls show superagents getting a ton of hits on port 8081 from clients all over the WAN. It's big a mess.

      Anyone have any idea whats going. Where could I start troubleshooting? I'm having a hard time finding where the repository selection process is logged.

      Any input would be appreciated.
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          When a client machine updates from an SA repo, it will pull the files from the agent wakeup call port on the SA, which is 8081 by default. Is it maybe normal update traffic you're seeing?

          HTH -

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            Thanks for your reply Joe -

            The way I thought it would work is :

            Site1 client hits Site1 SA
            Site2 client hits Site2 SA

            What I'm seeing is :

            Site2 client hits Site3 SA on 8081
            Site2 client hits Site5 SA on 8081
            Site3 client hits Site4 SA on 8081
            Site5 client hits Site3 SA on 8081, etc.

            I'm guessing this behavior isn't normal when you select subnet distance. Is the repo selection process logged anywhere? I'd defintely like to see why those clients cross the wan to download updates.
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              KB article 55685 describes the various repo selection methods. The agent logs what it's doing to the agent log - assuming MA4 or above, you're looking for entries like "imsite subnet dist..."
              That should hopefully give you an idea of which repo is being selected.

              HTH -

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                I'm using ePO 4.5 and agent 4.5. I have my 20 SuperAgent repositories across the country set to "Subnet Distance" and it's not working. For nodes without a SA they are not going to closes SA but they are going to the first SA listed in my Repository list, like it's using "Use Order in Repository list" but I've selected "Use subnet distance".  Still waiting for support to get back to me > Service Request # 3-767861553