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    Product Coverage Reports

      Good Afternoon,

      I hope that this is a quick question.

      I've noticed that on some systems the McAfee Agent is reporting Product Coverage Reports as 3.5.0. It's very strange because everything else seems up to date on the system, so not sure why it's coming up with that.

      I also can't find an updated package to check in to EPO 4 that would fix this.

      Any thoughts?

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          The product coverage reports component is actually part of the agent install, and there isn't a separate package that you can check in to update it. In the first instance you could try removing and reinstalling the agent on the affected machines, which should fix it.

          An alternative though would be to ignore it happy PCR is used primarily for detecting products that don't write their own application plugin key, which usually means Norton and some (now extinct) legacy McAfee products. If you're not using Norton in your environment, then the PCR component doesn't really affect you.

          HTH -

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            Thanks for the reply Joe!

            I figured that it had to do with some old legacy settings, and everything else on the PC looks OK.