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    McAfee 8.7i Scriptscan and KB65382 not working

      I have dug pretty deep and the posted fixes didnt work. My scripts still get scanned even with the url exclusion. I've been back and forth for three weeks with support on this. If I turn off scriptscan the problem goes away.

      One thing I notice is that when I first load the page containing the scripted links, my first click on a scripted link runs great. Subsequent clicks on the same link run 5 to seven seconds before results are displayed. (the scripted links are dropdown menu's). If I remove the registry hack (KB65382), then the first click runs slow as well. This suggests that with the registry hack, the script is excluded the first time but that its running from cache or temporary internet files the second time. I'm guessing here but thats all I'm left with until Support returns my repeated calls. (1 week since the last contact and I'm calling daily).

      I've submitted procmon captures, MER output to tech support. If I get a fix from them that works I'll post it here but I'm losing hope. If anyone has a fix. please respond.