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    Epo SQL Query by folder

      Hello everybody

      I'm currently looking for something quite specific.

      We are optimising the dashboard and seeking to show up only some computers from folders in the classification tree in ePo.

      How to build this kind of SQL request ? I already take a look at my SQL enterprise manager in order to understand, where the tree is, but cannot find it.

      For exemple My tree is:


      And i only want to have folder2 in my graph

      Does somebody have an answer to that ?

      Thanks in advance
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          Sorry, I'm not understanding what you want to do... is it that you only want folder2 to be visible in the system tree?

          If so then probably the easiest way would be to create a new user and only allow that user access to folder2 in the System Tree Access permission set.

          HTH -

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            Thank for your answer, but that's not what Iwant.

            I want that my dashboard graph only show folder 2 computers.

            In my folder 1 I have my IT computers for test, that send problems to the console, but aren't relevant of the network.
            In my folder 2, I have the real computers, where my users works on.

            So I'm trying to find a way to query only on the folder 2.

            I find a beggining to my answer with the "EPOBranchNode" Table on my SQL server, but my skills in SQL aren't enough to do what I want.
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              Okay... which dashboard graph are you talking about? The information displayed by the dashboards should obey the permission sets - so if you log in with a user that is only allowed to see folder2, then the dashboards should only show machines in folder2.
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                Thank you for you help, but the point is to keep access to all the tree, without having to use several users.

                By seeking in my sql manager I was able to do the request I want:

                select count(*) as 'count', [EPOLeafNode].[AgentVersion]
                from [EPOLeafNode]
                where ([EPOLeafNode].[NodePath] like '1\2\5\8%') OR ([EPOLeafNode].[NodePath] like '1\2\5\7%')
                group by [EPOLeafNode].[AgentVersion]
                order by [count] desc

                But how to import this SQL in ePo 4.0. It appears that I can only inport xml files. Is there a way to convert easily this SQL request into an xml file ?
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                  Filter it by group.

                  Use the MA: agents summary versions query
                  then filter using the group filter: system is in group.

                  (BTW I'm using v4.5 so can't say if this is available in v4.0)

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                    GREAT !!

                    Thank you, that's exactly what I wanted to do ^^