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    Urgent !!! Event migration Problem

      We have recently upgraded from ePO 3.6.1 to 4.0 and upgraded from SQL2000 - SQL2005.
      For the last phase of the upgrade,after the installation of ePO 4.0, we were required to carry out the Event migration server task in order to retrieve the events from the old database (this task is default and is disabled by default).
      We carried out this task however, while the task was in progress, we realised that we needed to confirm if we had enough disk space. We therefore terminated the task from the Server Task Log.
      We then found out that we had enough disk space so we decided to restart the Event Migration task.
      However when we went to restart the the task, nothing was happening.

      I tried editing the Event Migration task, and i relised that under the Actions tab of this task, the events to migrate were grayed out and indicated as 'In Progress'.

      What I am concluding is that because the status is 'In Progress', The task is ignoring the request to start the event migration again.

      Does anyone have a work around please?? Very urgent!!!!