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    Agent Handlers - can they work to handle machines on different subnets?

      Hi, I'm in a company of about 80 strong staff. I'm evaluating ePO 4.5 with the latest patch. From the product guide i found a software called Agent Handler. Its suppose to be able to consolidate agent reports and then send these info back to ePO, rite? In addition, it can help to police policies to agents and other functions.

      My question is I have a DMZ with a couple of servers under a different subnet and IP (most of our server and user PC are on 10.90.1 or 15.xxx, with subnet Whereas those special servers have 192.168.xxx.xxx and subnet

      Will installing agent handlers into these servers help me to get ePO to see the data info from them and am i able to issue out policies thru these agent handlers?

      I have tried to use ePO to scan for these servers but they are not showing up in my list. If anybody can help that would be great.