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    Can't view PC in another domain


      We haev 2 domains, ePo 4.5 is located on our HQ domain and is working fine. We haev a windows 2003 2 way trust with another domain and I have registered their domain controller with our ePo server and it has tested successfully.

      If I then go to System tree > System Tree Actions > New Systems > browse and select this 2nd domain it then thinks about it and then says "failed to connect to domain <name>"

      Do I need to install an new instance of ePo 4.5 server on their domain?
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          When you're browsing for new machines like this ePO is getting the list from the master browser. Can you browse to that machine with the "my network places" object in windows explorer? If not, then ePO won't be able to either...

          HTH -

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            Yeah, when I browse to it, I see the domain name,but then it fails saying I might not have permission.

            Is there a better way of doing this or can I fix this master browser issue?
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              If you want to browse to the machines in order to add them, then you'll need to fix the browser issue.

              However it all depends what you're trying to do: if it's just to add the machines so that you can push agents to them, then you can add them manually or import them as a text file.
              Alternatively you can install the agent package from the server on the client machines directly, via (for example) logon scripts, or SMS - they will then appear in ePO as they communicate with the server, and you don't need to worry about trust relationships or browse lists...

              HTH -