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    MA4.0 Patch 3 bugs

      I have tested MA 4.0 patch 3 on my windows 7 machine and found the following.

      Mcafee endpoint encryption 5.2.0 is installed. When going to the EPO console it is properly detected but when looking on the client under the agents about it reports it as 5.1.7

      After running the Agents framepkg_upd.exe updater on my Windows 7 Machine, deployment tasks still do not seem to work. I updated from version 4.0.1444 and I have confirmed that version 4.0.1494 is installed.

      Anyone else see this?
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          McAfee states this in the MA4.0P3 Agent extension release notes:

          "Issue: Existing Agent tasks (Deployment, Update, etc.) do not run on Windows 7 systems. (Reference: 502585, 504670)

          Workaround: The tasks that support Windows 7 need to be updated and saved in the ePolicy Orchestrator console to run on Windows 7 systems."

          It will be worth trying that solution in your case after checking in the MA4.0P3 extension into ePO.

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            thanks, that worked. Anyone have disk encryption and notice the first issue?