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    Mcafee Agent 4.5

      Now that Agent 4.0 Patch 3 is out does anyone have any information on Mcafee Agent 4.5 release date? I thought perhaps it would be released along side Ma4.0 Patch 3 but have not seen anything yet. I would rather test and deploy 4.5 since we would like to test an agent handler in the DMZ and will be utilizing Encryption 6.0. I was led to believe that it would be required to have ma4.5. Plus the new interface is nicer than the 4.0 version.
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          Wondering the same thing...I'm getting right annoyed having to wait so long for anything these days. I've been running the RC and there's functionality in there that I can no longer live without. Full Win7 support would be nice...don't want to "downgrade" to 4.0p3 either.

          I'll be calling support again today to find out what the holdup is....
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            A note on the KB this morning states that Agent 4.5 is due to be released today.

            So check after 19:00 UT (or thereabouts), it should be there then.

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              ...well that would make me a happy camper happy At least then I wouldn't be going to Focus '09 next week and bit-ching about it :P
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                I wonder is the new EPO Agent 4.5 will support EPO server 3.6.1. Yesterday, I just downloaded Agent 4.0 Patch 3 and have started testing it on our non-production 3.6.1 server. This was the agent I was going to use on EPO 3.6.1 as it supports Microsoft Windows 7. Does anyone know if it will support EPO 3.6.1? We will eventually upgrade that server to EPO 4.0 or 4.5 with Patch 1 by the end of the year.
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                  Woot....it's there now!!!!

                  er....it's listed now...just nothing to download yet...guess I'll go for lunch and check when I'm back..
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                    The 4.5 agent I beleive only supports 4.0 and 4.5 epo
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                      Its there now.
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                        I added the 4.5 Agent package to my ePO server, today, with no issues and deployed it to a test machine. My only gripe is that they changed the "M" icon in the system tray to an "M" shield icon. (I know some users will freak out thinking something is wrong with McAfee on their workstation.) On the other hand, it makes it really easy to determine if a computer is running the new agent.

                        They also changed what the context menu looks like when you right-click on the "M" in the system tray...

                        On v4.0, the context menu options were: "McAfee Agent", "VirusScan Enterprise", "Update Now", and "About".

                        On v4.5, the context menu options are now: "Update Security"*, "Quick Settings"*, "Manage Feature" > "VirusScan Enterprise" (Sub menu), "Scan Computer for"*, "View Security Status", "McAfee Agent Status Monitor", and "About".
                        (Those marked with an asterisk are dimmed out for me.)
                        • 9. McAfee Agent 4.5 support to ePO 3.6.1
                          Well, I asked somebody at mcAfee and they, initially, confirmed that this agent v4.5 is not supported on ePO 3.6.1 but, before receiving their answer I was able to check it in (it even has the package.z file which is the standard for ePO 3.6.x) and deployed it to a couple of clients and it was everything successful.

                          So i'm still trying to have a final confirmation of it.

                          We were ready to deploy agent v4.0 then with Patch3. Now, if 4.5 is fine, we should be able to quickly change our strategy.

                          Let me know what you have.

                          Thanks. Orks.
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