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    epo 4.5 failed to load license data

      It takes a long time for me to get the logon screen in the browser (something like 5 minutes).
      When it does come up, I get:
      "The license for ePolicy Orchestrator is invalid"
      "Failed to load license data. To enter a new license, go here"

      I re-add the license and then the process repeats. I wait a long time to get a logon screen telling me my license is invalid.

      I've tried restarting the services and even rebooted the server.

      I looked in C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\Server\Logs but didn't see anything useful.

      Is there anywhere else I can check for more clues on what's going on?

      I do have another epo server (v4.0) on the same subnet but I was told by McAfee that I can run multiple instances of the epo server.