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    why is EPO 4.5 pushing agents only in some of the subnets?

      Hi all,
      i have an epo 4.5 deployed and created some subgroups that synchronizes each with its domain controller (a registered LDAP server).

      in two of the subnets i have this problem:
      Hosts are appearing correctly listed in the subgroups, but are always in unmanaged status.

      Trying to troubleshoot i've tried to manually push the agent to the systems, but the tasks log tells me:

      Failed to authenticate with the remote system: Network Path not found.

      if i put the ip - hostname combination in the hosts file AT the EPO server, the agent push installation work like a charm!

      What could it be?
      Why can i deploy agents in other subnets with no problems???
      Thanks for any suggestion.

      Diego C.
      Verona - Italy happy
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