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    "My default" Policies

      I've inherited the role of ePO administrator and i'm going through our policies and seeing if anything needs updating/cleaning up.
      I'm going through the policies and i've noticed that all the 'custom' policies are named "My Default".

      After a little reading it seems that this is the suggested name in some of the Mcafee tutorials... I'm a little surprised that all of the custom policies are named it so i thought i should confirm:

      Q1: Can you please confirm that "My Default" is just a custom name given and not a 'special' name?

      I'll be renaming these to slightly more descriptive names
      Sorry for such a simple question - i'd much rather be 100% sure then sorry :)
      Thanks for your thoughts and help.
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          That should be fine :)
          When ePO is first installed it creates a pair of default policies - the "McAfee default", which cannot be edited, and the "My Default", which can. I think My Default was just an arbitrary name chosen by the developers :)

          If you're worried about breaking anything, instead of renaming them you can duplicate them and rename the duplicates, thereby preserving the originals.

          HTH -

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            Awesome, thanks a ton for confirming that... and for your quick response!