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    Remotely Enforce Policy


      I am having problems with a couple of systems not pulling down the correct policies once the agent is installed.

      If i logon to the problematic systems, open up the McAfee Agent Console and then click "Check New Policies" and "Enforce Policies", it begins to work.

      The thing is, this is affecting roughly 170 systems out of a total of 2000 systems which are being used by members of staff.

      This prevents me from being able to manually enforce the policies on each affected system.

      Are there any tools built into ePO 4.0 that i can use to remotely activate the "Check New Policies" and "Enforce Policies" options in the agent?

      Simply using "Send Wakeup Call" doesn't do the job.

      If there isnt any built in tools for this, does anyone know of a command i can use to put into a batch script?

      Thank you,