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    VSE 8.7i  + Service Patch = Clients not updating

      Morning all,

      Having a small issue i'm hoping someone may be able to help with.

      About 6 weeks ago i deployed the VSE 8.7i Service Patch through EPO to all my clients, majority of the clients have taken this with no problem but i have a small handful of sites that do not register as having it installed.

      EPO shows them out of compliance with the report i setup to monitor the deployment of the patch.

      Also when i dial into the client and check the VSE client direct it shows no Patch installed on the About screen however the DAT and Engine is fully up-to-date clearly showing that the client is connecting to the EPO server successfully.

      When manually running an update direct at the client it shows in the log that there is nothing to download.

      I the short term i have been remoting the affected machines and removing both VSE and the McAfee client, than re-installing and running update which is resolving the issue but is becoming a pain, even when i have scripted the whole process via a batch file.

      Anyone else had this?
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          I have had the same problem many times over. After reading the release notes for the McAfee Agent 4.0 Patch 3, I think it is a issue with the current release of the McAfee Agent. I have this problem with both 8.7 and on my 8.5 machines. Unfortunately, I don't have a solution for you other then what you are already doing other then what you are doing.

          Quick question though, are you running the 8.7 package that has SP1 rolled into it or do you have the original package checked in without SP1 and are letting the EPO server install the patch after the VSE install? I know I have had a lot less issues after I checked in the newer package.
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            I have a build image with the original VSE 8.7 install in it.

            So i am rolling SP1 out via EPO as i dont install 8.7 direct from the server, it comes from the build image files.
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              Something you might want to try. If you still have any giving you an issue, try just reinstalling the McAfee Agent on one of the machines, use the /forceinstall switch on the install. I know there is a GUID issue with the McAfee Agent 4.0 Patch 2, this is due to be fixed in the Patch 3 release. I personally have taken McAfee off all my Images because of issues it seems to cause. All I have to do after I build a machine is install the Agent and it automatically installs VSE with all the patches and updates it. But I would recommend to try reinstalling the McAfee Agent and see if it updates after it gets a new GUID
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                I'l give that a shot as i have just been removing VSE via Add/Remove and than doing the Frminst /forceuninstall followed by a reinstall of the agent than VSE and doing an update.
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                  Yeah, leave VSE installed and just try doing a /forceuninstall and then install it with a /forceinstall switch and see if that does the job.
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                    I had the same problem with my 3.6 to 4.0 and 8.5 to 8.7 tasks. Here's what I did. Deleted the two separate tasks and created on new one. I know you are only referencing one task, but here's the reasoning:

                    Every task gets an incremental number (not sure what it is or how it's determined). I figured that the machines that weren't updating though that they already had done the task for some reason. By deleting the task and recreating it, I was able to trick the machines into thinking that they had a new task.

                    This has caught well over 60% of my problem systems in the last four days since implementing it.