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    ePO and safeboot report

      I've ePO 4.0 SP4 and after installing safeboot 5.1 I'm noticed that this information displays at ePO console. However it is not possible to run any report that would let to get safeboot information gathered. I assume that his is due to lack of safeboot extension – my question is did you noticed somewhere safeboot extension to ePO?
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          With one of the later versions of SB(I forget which one, but if you got 5701 downloaded it would be there) they included in the software download an ePO section explaining how to install the ePO extention and how to create a safeboot install package for ditribution with ePO.
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            Thanks this let me to found it.
            for descendants:
            following files are ePO extensions:
            EPO\Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders\EPO4\Sbce3.zip
            EPO\Endpoint Encryption for PC\EPO4\Sbde5.zip
            two hints ;)
            safeboot is called endpoint encryption (I did not notice it) - this made searching easier
            versions 4.x does not support ePO.