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    ePO 4 - Standard Reports


      Can anyone point me in the direction (or perhaps list them please) the standard reports that should be available in ePO v4 please.

      If it makes any difference our system was originally installed as ePO v3, and been through the releases over time eventually to ePO v4.

      I ask because in ePO 3.x there was report that I'm sure was called "Product Protection Summary" or similar that listed what McAfee Protection was installed on the clients. In ePO v4 I can't find this, or a similar report and I'm now wondering if I'm missing reports.

      I know that a 'feature' exists where by reports can be missing depending on the user that installed them, and so I've also checked whilst logged in as the default Admin account.

      If reports are missing, any thoughts on how to reinstall the standard reports please?.

      Thank you