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    System Compliance Profiler \ Epolicy 4.5

      I've noticed that the System Compliance Profiler has reached end of life and is not supported under Epolicy 4.5.

      That being said, I'm curious as to what everyone is doing regarding the machines they already have deployed SCP to?

      I've noticed that, because they have this product installed, a few machines keep trying to install the latest version of SCP in Epolicy 4.0. (this is without a current task stating to do so (and even with SCP removed from the software repository), almost as if some old remnants of SCP were detected on the machines and epo just decides to have them try to get the latest version of SCP or an SCP patch or something). This of course causes a slowdown on the machines in question.

      Now since 4.5 no longer supports this product, if you leave it installed on the machines, who knows what will happen when they check in so I was wondering what everyone is doing for this. Are you leaving SCP installed on the machines, even though 4.5 doesnt support it, or are you sending out an un-install job to all the machines using 4.0 before upgrading to 4.5 so you don't have to worry about SCP remnants going forward?

      McAfee support said they may have a new product out 4th quarter to replace SCP, but I don't buy it. There is no beta, or info anywhere that I have found yet. It's as if they just decided out of the blue to dump SCP.

      Anyone have a link or info, or tips for dealing with SCP in general now that it's end of life is here, and why it was dumped? I know I had issues with reporting on it in the past and thought it was clunkier than MS's WSUS products that are free. Could that be the reason for its demise?