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    Default Dashboard delete

      I have accidentally the ePo 4.0 default dashboard delete. Then all admins after they next logon at the ePO console, received the error message >no dashboards are active<:mad:. Next, I create a new dashboard, published and activate it in ePo and i cold see it correctly at my next login:). For all the other ePo admins in the ePo under >configuration>permission sets>dashboard i have set >Use public dashboards; create and edit personal dashboards<. Under >server settings>dashboards i have set the new created dashboard as default for new users. By logon as new user (e.g. test) it is displayed correctly. But when a login with other already existing ePO admin account, then occurs already appointed error and no dashboard appears :mad: I do not want to activate the newly created dashboard for each admin. How to activate the newly created dashboard automatically to all admins and show automatically at logon for all:confused:. Thanks for your help...