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    Best way to exclude a process from the on access scan


      Hello to all


      I am facing an issue with an application (Workgroup Manager from PTC) that is getting not responding randomly.

      I am suspecting about the McAfee since every time that it fails I look in the windows event viewer and there is a McLogEvent ID 5000 present between a successfully launch and the one that fails.


      Per recommendation from the application vendor I have requested my security team to add the process and application folder to the McAfee on access scan exclusions but the issue is still present.


      What I notice was that they add all the exclusions and even the process to the Default process exclusions but I have read some comments here that the process exclusions should be add in the low risk profile.


      The questions are: What is the best way to add an application process to the on access scan exclusion.

                                    Is it enough adding the file process.exe to the exclusion list or it should be added in the Low Risk Process and disable the Writing to disk/reading from disk.


      thank you.



      Azael Lopez