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    EventParser.log Errors

      I've found that sometimes agents won't install because the ePO 4.5 server is responding with an "Server Too Busy" message.


      Then I find that the Events folder is full of xml files from PC's and it looks to be from a couple of PC's trying to send a report about a virus being detected. The error message in the eventp****r.log is:



      20090918110542 E #2624 EVNTPRSR Description = (null)
      20090918110542 E #2624 NAEPODAL CEPODAL::ExecQuery: COM Error(0x80040E10) Procedure or function 'VSE_InsertVirusDetectionEvent' expects parameter '@szVirusType', which was not supplied.
      20090918110542 E #2624 VseBll DAL->ExecQuery failed. hr=80040e10
      20090918110542 E #2624 EVNTPRSR server_ProcessXMLFile: COM Error :80004005 server_ProcessXMLFile
      20090918110542 E #2624 EVNTPRSR Meaning = Unspecified error
      20090918110542 E #2624 EVNTPRSR Source = (null)
      20090918110542 E #2624 EVNTPRSR Description = (null)



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          This error usually means that there is a problem with the event handler, which interprets events from point products. Try the following:


          1) From the VirusScan Enterprise extension group, remove the VIRUSCANREPORTS extension


          2) Then check it in again by choosing Install Extension, browsing to the ..\Extensions folder underneath wherever ePO is installed, and choosing the VIRUSCANREPORTS.zip file


          Does that help?





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            Thanks, this did work. It seems to have stopped the errors in the event log. However, I still see clients getting a "Server too Busy" error message after installing the McAfee agent or when doing a wakeup. I am finding that more PC's are now being managed, where before the number wasn't increasing.



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              I'm having the similar problems. The remove\reinstall extensions did not do the trick for me. I've got automatic respnonses aka notifications tied to malware detected events but I'm not getting all because there is an issue with event processing. If I restart the server/services I get a few but then they stop, in my eventparser.log I get


              CEPODAL::ExecQuery: COM Error(0x80040E10) Procedure or function 'VSE_InsertVirusDetectionEvent' expects parameter '@szVirusType', which was not supplied...


              McAfee support seems to thing its related to my DB, specifically the size. My DB is on full blown SQL 05 on 2003 SP2 server. Initially it was pushing 22gigs but I've since trimmed it to 12 but I'm still seeing the same symptoms.



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                I'm having the exact same error as mrpg. I currently have a support ticket in with McAfee. They first had me remove/reinstall all of the VirusScan extensions (which will remove all of your policies/assignments so be sure to back those up); but that didn't work.

                After the events pile up in the events folder, the eventparser.exe service will bog down. I'll occasionally purge that folder since its unable to process those events (just keeps giving the same "expects parameter '@szVirusType'").

                If anyone figures anything out on this I'd love to know the solution!
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                  a repost of patch 2 for VSE87 is due for release this Wednesday. it will contain a new extension for VirusScan that will fix these "'VSE_InsertVirusDetectionEvent' expects parameter '@szVirusType', which was not supplied." events...
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                    Thanks for the update; I sure hope you are correct.

                    I wonder why my support guy hasn't told me that? We've been working on it for 10 days now. . .
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                      See KB66446 on the McAfee ServicePortal (http://mysupport.mcafee.com) for detailed information on the issue, as well as to validate Alas2708's statement about the VSE 8.7i Patch 2 repost resolving this error. This should release by the end of this week.

                      Hope this helps!
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                        Yep, I've been glued to mcafee support really anticipating this one.
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                          Installing the new extension removed the error from the logs, but I still have around 1.3 million PKG event files, that don't seem to be being processed. Should I just stop the server and remove the files or will the new fixed event parser eventually deal with all these reports?

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