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    ePO 4.5 Install Problem

      Hi folks -

      I've just installed ePO 4.5 on a 2003 standard server (2gb ram, dual 2.8 procs, tons of drive space). I had installed SQL express manually before the install and the procedure finished without error. Both SQL express and ePO were installed on a different drive (not on C:).

      However, when logging into the ePO console for the first time there is no dashboard installed, no packages or extensions installed in the master repository, only a few default server tasks, and the policy config only shows the rogue sensor as a configurable option. There is no agent. I ran a repository update and checked in virusscan 8.7, which does show up. But there is no agent, or dashboard...or other stuff.

      I did a test install on a different server and this time let the ePO installer install SQL express for me. This install had everything - the dashboard, a bunch of default server tasks, the agents... everything.

      Any ideas what happened?