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    Upgraded to VSE 8.7 but no heuristics in Outlook

      I've setup a task in ePO to deploy VirusScan 8.7i to some workstations running VirusScan 8.5i. One of these was mine.

      While the upgraded appear to complete successfully I've found that in Outlook I am able to access and modify the e-mail scanner properties as a standard user and that the heuristics option is not listed.

      My concern is that this add-on did not upgrade successfully while the rest of the system did so my questions are:

      1. How can I check which version of the add-on is installed?

      2. How can I prevent user's from modifying these settings without using password lockdown?

      3. Does having Outlook open at the time of upgrade cause a problem and if so what steps can be taken to fix this?
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          For some reason my brain returned and, engaging some common sense, I looked at a machine using 8.5i and verified that their interface was different (suggesting my add-on had been upgraded) and that it also was open to being changed by a standard user.

          a) Is password protection the only way to lock down e-mail scanner settings?

          b) Why is the heuristics option not displayed in the add-on options, only in the ePO policy?