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    epo agent

      I want to know how can we check whether there is a epo agent installed in the device and i want to scan the network and want to know whether there is epo agent in all the devices or not that is connected to the network .....
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            We do this with a combination of methods..

            SCCM - A query to detect the presence of the framework service.

            Active Script - We have incorporated nbtscan to get a list of machines currently active on the subnets, then the script triggers a vbscript to remotely look at each active system for the Framework service and process (amonst the other products we require on the machine) and writes this information to a separate database.

            Rogue System Detection - This will detect machine that are alien, missing or inactive agents and then automatically deploys the agent with domain credentials.

            Active Directory Import - We have this automatic task setup to import machines objects from our AD into a specific ePO group (Will only import the machine if it does not exist on the ePO) where an automated task tries to deploy the agent.
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              to check on an individual system just open a browser and type http://systemname:8081 if those are your defaults. The other options given for looking across your company are all good ones. I would use rogue sensors in Mcafee if you dont already have this setup up. Another quick method would be to use NMAP looking for port 8081 (default) couple with OS fingerprinting. Now you can find all windows machines with or without port 8081 open.
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                Thanks a lot for ur help .....