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    Strange Problem in 4.5.

      Hey Guys,

      I am facing a wierd problem with my ePO 4.5.0.
      My threat Advisory shows me the just like this

      This master repository is up-to-date with protection against all known threats.
      My Repository Latest Available
      DAT: 5742.0000 5741.0000
      Engine: 5400.1158 5301.4018
      64-Bit DAT 5742.0000 5741.0000
      64-Bit Engine 5400.1158 5301.4018
      MyAvert Security Threats: 0 unread
      Last check: 2009-09-16 08:20:14.007

      Please note the DAT and the Engine version
      I have manually checked in the new engine in the repository a week ago
      any can be done to this?

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          the engine is not out in the repositories at Mcafee yet as its still elective so this would show as you have it, you may have pulled from a repository that is updated faster than the one the system references as default for the available versions list ( this happens all the time with epo 4.0 in the same circumstance)

          The 5742 has NOT been pulled as far as I can see and the dat readme is still there and you can still get the downloads for it.

          so nothing to worry about