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    ePo not showing agents in different subnet

      Okay here goes. We have 2 different subnets on the other side of town, we'll call them 10.3.1.x and 10.5.1.x. Our main LAN is 10.2.1.x and is where ePo server is located. The clients on the 2 subnets above do not show up in ePo. The agents on the clients in question show that they're updating regularly as scheduled. We have recently deployed agent 4.0, but are still running ePo 3.6.1. All the clients on the 10.2.X.X locations show up with no problems. I would like to upgrade to the newest ePo but we're still running W2K server. Any ideas?
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          The first thing to check is that the ePO server is reachable from the client machines... can you ping the server (by IP and FQDN) from one of the machines that is not communicating? Can you telnet to the agent / server port on the ePO server (you should get a 403 response)?
          Do the agent logs on the client machines show any errors with regard to agent / server comms?

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            Thanks for the reply. Ping and telnet was successful. I got to investigating and somehow got onto the line of thinking that something must be amiss with Active Directory subnets. We have one computer group in AD with all our PCs in it. Some of them on the problem subnet work and some of them don't. ANyway, this is all moot at this point because we've decided to upgrade to ePo 4.5 soon. We're looking at the best options for this upgrade. We're going to have to install on a different server (running Server2003), so it might be best to install from scratch and completely re-configure everything. But that may bring a lot of headaches. We're still in the research stage. Thanks for your help! Hopefull the new ePo will solve these communication issues.