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    ePO 4.0 Criteria sorting issue


      I am having a few issues with criteria based sorting in my ePO 4.0 structure. I have the system tree layed out as follows

      - Country
      >>>>Catch Group

      I have IP subnet filtering set on the country level, then tag sorting criteria depending on device below that. Server and Workstation tags work fine - the client is sorted into the correct country, and the device type tag is assigned. The issue comes when any new laptops check in. They move into the correct country container, but move straight into the Catch Group (sorting set to catch all) instead.

      The laptop tag is based on the following criteria

      laptop = yes
      OS platform = Professional, or Windows Vista, or Workstation

      The strange thing is it doesnt appear to be the tag at fault, as if i run the tag criteria directly from the tag catalogue, it finds the device and applies the tag correctly. If i run a test sort once the tag is appied, then it will drop it into the correct grouping. It just won't drop into the correct group when initially sorted.

      Running latest version of the McAfee agent (4.0.1444)

      The catch all group is also sorted to be the last group in the sort order, so that isnt the issue either. Has anybody had any similar occurances, or know what the issue may be?