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    McAfee ePo server IP chnaged- But agents are not communicating


      Dear Community People,

      I my company environment previously I installed ePo server and deployed agents on different subnets. All were communicated well with ePo server. But last week I changed ePo server's IP to new. Now agents are not communicating with the server.


      When I check one of the agent by giving "sudo /opt/McAfee/cma/bin/cmdagent -i" it displays previous server IP. This is Linux server (oracle Linux).



      How Can I get my agents communicate with ePo server ??.  All the required ports (8081,8082,443) are open from firewall end. 

      Agent Handler is working well and agents are identifying according to FQDN,NetBIOS,IP address order.


      Anyone can help me that will be much thankful


      Kalana Kaushanga.