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    Agent won't install


      Background : we don't have AD, we don't do push. In order to install McAfee, we manually run the framepkg.exe on each system.
      We usually prepare one system and make disk images.

      This case : a brand new laptop, HP (will complete model later) with Windows XP SP3.

      We run the framepkg.exe for agent
      nothing shows, nothing happens... I'm used to seeing "some message" indicating that something happened...

      • None of the usual McAfee processes found in the Taks Mgr.
      • I check in "Program Files"... no McAfee...
      • Check in "Application Data"... only one "FrameworkManifest.xml_rollback" file in the McAfee\Common Framework directory.
      • Nothing in TEMP...
      • No trace, no log... how is one supposed to find out why the install failed ?

      Decided to reboot... Ooops ! Laptop is now unstable, shows briefly a BSOD (2 msec) and is in a rebooting loop...

      So : warning for you guys and if anyone has an idea as to what happened and how to find a LOG of the installation... please I'm listening.