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    Repairing Windows Installation under Safeboot

      My Windows XP is corrupted: I'm not able to start Windows (including safe mode tryings)- BSOD. I know how to solve the problem (a simple scandisk from an external boot disk is enough, according to the error code).
      But... the disk is encrypted using Safeboot 4.2. I know my username and password (obviously!), but, I can't boot from an external disk, having the option to decrypt the internal hdd. I created a bootable UBCD USB stick, containing Safetech plugin, but after authorisation, when I try to authenticate myself I obtain the following error: " e0050004 The wrong version of the SafeBoot Client is currently active".
      So, how do you think I can solve my problem? I don't want to re-format the hdd.
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