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    Upgrading EPO 3.6.1 to 4.5

      Hi Guys,

      Just found that we can download EPO 4.5 using our grant number - we are currently using EPO 3.6.1 with VirusScan 8.0i installed on all the client machines. Where should I start with upgrading the whole lot to the latest versions (ie EPO to 4.5 and VirusScan to 8.7i) and are there any possible problems I should be aware of?
      If I download EPO 4.5 will it do an in place upgrade of our 3.6.1 installation or am I going to have to uninstall 3.6.1 and set everything up again in 4.5?

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          If your network setup is simple enough I would totally dump the old system and create a new system then import the client list and send out the new agent (I would also wait for the new 4.5 agent to appear first (sometime this month supposedly))

          cant remember if vse 8.0 is supported in 4.5 even for an uninstall task though inwhich case you would be relying on the vse 8.7 integrated uninstall task which should work but I admit I have not tried as I got rid of 8.0 a long time ago.
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            OK thanks for the info. I dont know about waiting for the 4.5 agent thought as everywhere I look it seems like people are always saying this is coming out very soon but some of those posts are months old. EPO 4.5 can work with the 4.0 agent right?
            As for our network setup, we have 5 servers and around 50 client worksations so it wouldn't be the end of the world if we had to manually uninstall VSE 8 etc but obviously I would rather not have to go round each machine and do this...
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              the 4 agents will work but then you will have to send out the new 4.5 agent later and the current agent 4 does not support totally resetting the agent when it overinstalls it leaves bits behind and doesnt reset GUID for instance, this should hopefully be resolved in the next 4.0 patch and 4.5 versions.

              In your case with only 50 machines its barely any work to script this with pstools or a login script or something, I manually reinstall that many by script every day.

              50 machines is nothing and dead easy to setup on epo 4.5 from scratch just set it up in advance and make sure you have all the policies and task set in advance, you will not be able to migrate them. Make sure you have stopped any access protection rules that may block upgrades on the old epo in advance also (dont remember if this applied to vse 8.0 but it does to 8.5)
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                Oh right I see happy What is the best way to reinstall then? When you say in a login script or pstools (I assume you mean p***ec) what command would they actually be executing? Also are you talking about just reinstalling the agent or the actual VSE software as well?

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                  just the agent, I would use p***ec or a login script to uninstall the agent with %path on local machine%/frminst.exe /forceuninstall /s

                  this is a forced uninstall silent using the files already on the pc, of course disable any access protection policies that may block the stopping of mcafee services or removal of their files
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                    OK so I am looking at going ahead with this now, I've got the EPO 4.5 install sat on the server waiting to be used happy So what do I need to do first, uninstall EPO 3.6.1 completely and then install 4.5? Then once that is done I import the list of clients in, but I assume at that point they wont actually be able to communicate with the server as they will all be running the old EPO agent version. So do I need to then uninstall the epo agent from each machine (using pstools as mentioned) and then push out the new agent (4.0 as I dont think 4.5 is out yet still?) and add the 8.7 install to the repository. That sound about right or am I doing some of it in the wrong order?