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    ePO Reports - VSE - EventID 0 ??


      ePO Server 4.0...
      McAfee Agents 3.6 and
      VSE 8.5i Patch 8, Enging 5301 and DAT OK !

      I'm working on our reports, presently on a report on "threats detected in the past 24h". There was already such a report for VSE and I'm just adapting it to our needs.

      When I run the report I get (depends on the day) Events 1059 (scan timed out) etc... so I'm filtering some events.

      Today I get lots of events with Event ID 0, Description "-"... (listing loads and loads of the usual crap PPS files everyone gets in their mail).

      Can someone tell me more about this EventID 0 ??