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    Compliance summary empty!

      Have just noticed on the ePO dashboard that my compliance summary pane is empty, reporting 'query did not report any results', then 0 Compliant and 0 Non-Compliant. The only change I've made to epo was checking in VirusScan 8.7.0 (VIRUSCAN8700.ZIP and VIRUSCANREPORTS.ZIP and NOT VSE87HF464768.ZIP) Then I ran ePOPolicyMigration.exe.

      Also no PC's seem to be updating! :eek:

      Also noticed that when I go to Automation tab the following are Disabled and are reporting 'Task has never run', I have however manually ran all disabled tasks.

      Event Migration
      Generate Records for Compliance History Reporting
      Host IPS Property Translator
      Migrate Host IPS 6.0 policies
      Migrate Host IPS 6.1 policies
      Roll Up Data (Local ePO Server)
      Update Master Repository
      VSE: Compliance Over the Last 30 Days
      VSE: DAT Adoption Over the Last 24 Hours

      Also reporting that 'Inactive Agent Cleanup Task' has a status of invalid.

      Now this may have always been the case, I'm not sure. There are 3 tasks which are enabled and have been since I installed which are:

      Active Directory Synchronization
      Schedule Pull
      Schedule Replication

      Anyone any ideas?