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    TIE Reputation - Unable to communicate with Threat Intelligence Exchange server


      Hello all,


      Before upgrading DXL extension and products everything was fine.

      Now in TIE Reputation i see the below error.


      Error Message: Unable to communicate with Threat Intelligence Exchange server. Check status of the Tie Server, verify that McAfee ePO is authorized to Send 'TIE Service Operation' Topics and 'TIE Set Enterprise Reputation' Topics and verify that TIE Server is authorized to Receive the above Topics.


      I found this article McAfee Corporate KB - Unable to communicate with Threat Intelligence Exchange server (when filtering events from malicio…  but it didn't help me out.


      In TIE server topology i have 4 tie servers and now all of them have this error, even if before one of them wasn't having any problems. Ports are opened and servers DXL & TIE are in the same VLAN.


      Database Schema Compatibility
      DXL Connection
      Unable to reach TIE server via DXL.


      ePO is not able to connect to TIE Server.


      Possible cause:
      - TIE Server is transitioning between operation modes. It will not connect until this process is complete. Please wait a few minutes, then refresh the page to see latest status.
      - No service registered on DXL Fabric for this TIE Server. Check service status on the appliance.
      - No DXL brokers available for connecting ePO and TIE Server. Check connection status of DXL Client for ePO.
      - Verify that DXL Topology settings and DXL Fabric are configured correctly.
      Extension Compatibility


      Any ideas what can i do?