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    Agent and VSE


      Hi All,


      We i have scenario where one LINUX machine got outdated.


      And i requested the concern team to upgrade the VSE from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3 and they did it.


      So here comes the problem:

      Still the machine is not reporting to ePO with the updated DAT.


      Need suggestions to rectify this problem.



      Thanks & Regards,


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          Well some crucial info like your versions, environment and stuff are missing here.


          1. Did VSE even update the DAT?

          2. It´s not a problem of VSE but of the Agent. Does the system have direct access to your ePO? We currently have a similar issue where systems in the DMZ with the most current agent stop responding to ePO and don´t run any client-tasks anymore.


          Best regards