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    DLP 10 - System hangs on startup




      I'm having problems with Dell laptops after DLP installation. After DLP (only Device Control, actually) is installed, I can verify that it is working (correct revision ID, blocking pen drives). Even when I reboot or shutdown there is no problem. After a while (and some reboots/shutdowns) when I try to reboot/shutdown again the system hangs at startup. I can only see the first Dell image prior to BIOS and the loading animation. It will stay that way indefinitely.


      This already happened on two laptops and when it happens the first time, every new reboot will cause the same issue. Booting in safe mode works. When DLP is removed the system startup occurs without any problems. I tried to configure a 5 minute delay on DLP Endpoint but this did not solve the problem.


      This is only happening with a specific model: Dell Inspiron 14 5447 (Reg. Model: P49G, Reg Type No: P49G001) and happened with DLP 9.4 and 10.


      Is this a known issue? Does anybody know about incompatibilities between DLP and this laptop model?


      Thanks in advance.