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    Full Scan Not Operating Properly After Update About June 19th


      Installed LiveSafe 2017 at end of March. Install went fine on win10 native computer but for two win 7 updated to win 10 computers the install did not go correctly and various components would not run. Had to uninstall, run the program that cleans up the fragments and reinstall to get everything to run. Apparently the problem install updated everything but the interface which couldn't run the newer components. (I think it saw win 7 not win 10 on the computers for some reason) After getting it to work at that time I apparently had the "blue interface."


      I don't believe any updates since required a restart until the update received earlier this week about June 19th for me. Everything appeared okay. Yesterday had a potential incident (browser window popped up that i didn't ask for) so I immediately shut down the computer without clicking on any of the browser windows.


      After restart tried to run a Full Scan to check things out. Noticed I was back to the old interface with the green bar. Clicking Full Scan it immediately went to 1% and stayed there the whole time. Scanning files went slower than a snail. After a couple hours I killed it. It flashed 98% but I know that was false as there was barely 50,000 files scanned. So installed Malwarebytes ran it and came up clean. (It scanned 487,602 files.) Checked for McAfee updates and all was up-to-date.


      Tried again this morning to run a manual Full Scan. Started about 10:30 it is now 2 and it still shows 1% and it is showing just over 83,000 files scanned. Though it is scanning a little faster than last night but it is still way to slow. I've been writing this a while and It just jumped at 2:20 to showing 87% and just over 93,000 files scanned.


      The last time I ran a manual full scan (prior to this week's update/restart) it took between 1 and 2 hours to do a true Full Scan of all files. I think this was shortly after the install so late March/early April. I have auto scheduled scan set to weekly which I have been assuming was a Full Scan of everything but from a discussion thread on similar problem apparently it is now doing a "cheat" scan as my IT disaster recovery brother would say just doing the minimum rather than doing a through job -- somebody some where will think of a way so don't leave the door open. I know it was a true full scan at that time as it showed the 400,000 + files scanned.


      Something is wrong with this update. Normally McAfee LiveSafe and components don't act this way. (showing false percentages) and why am I back to the green bar version?


      PC with intel i5 with 8GB RAM  2TB drive was windows os 7 has been windows os 10 since the end of the free update period.

      Not running Windows Creator version but all other updates have been done


      Currently showing for components involved:


      McAfee LiveSafe  ver 16.0.1


      Security Center

      ver. 16.1  build 16.1.160



      ver 20.1

      build 20.1.159

      last update 4/23/2017

      engine 3020.0

      engine creation date 6/23/2017


      Nothing else is running during these scans. If I try to open a browser window it takes way way  too long to do so. Had to do so to write this.


      It's now 2:30 and showing 93% and only showing just 100,000 files scanned, now 2:37 says 100% with just 106,910 files scanned


      Wish I had better confidence that this program is still looking at every possibility and nothing is lurking.