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    False Artemis!828E9566D57A


      This Artemis PUP is one of many that my scans have turned up in the last 2 months. For example, when browsing on this computer recently, a new tab popped up with a small window that indicated that the computer was infected and contained a link to a site that would supposedly resolve the problem. A McAfee scan turned up this PUP. I quarantined the infections. A few days later, I had the same experience with a spontaneous window opening in my browser. In this case, a new scan turned up another Artemis PUP (7024EC199C8A) with a similar behavior. These new tabs are difficult to remove, and the browser may not even respond to attempts to close it.


      Repeating the scan/quarantine process resulted in yet another Artemis PUP (612AD7593A23). How do I permanently remove this infection?