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    Duplicate System

      Hi Guys,

      I ran the Duplicate system query and found few duplicate system in my directory.
      Now i want to delete the duplicate entry, when i do that i was prompted with a message to remove the agent. what am i supposed to do here? do i need to keep the agent?

      all these days i have chosen to keep the agent and delete the system, as am afraid it might remove the agent on the original system. SO i just want to know am i doing the right thing

      Thank You
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          Laszlo G
          If you choose to delete agent while removing the computer it won't really delete de machine from your tree until the server gets the message from the remote machine that the agent has been deleted.

          The problem is that if your systems are duplicated it means they are not connecting to your server and so they won't send an answer telling the agent has been removed so if I were you I wouldn't select the option to remove agent.