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    Issue Installing the McAfee Agent Via .exe


      Both myself and my firm are new to EPO so apologies if this is something obvious.

      I have been installing the EPO agent via the web based console and athough it can be slow it has been working.

      However as we are getting closer to a full rollo out of the system we would like to be able to install the agent via an executable file.

      I have created the FramePkg.exe file and opened up ports 82 and 8081 on the windows firewall.

      IF I run the file I get some initial HDD activity but then apparently nothing else happens. No programs file created, no icon in the system tray and no option in add/remove programs - oh and the machine doesn't become listed in the web console.....

      Any ideas are very much appreciated.


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          Are you running the exe file locally on the machine or remotely and what command line are you using?

          Can you find the log file and post what it says it should be called frminst_%machinename%.log and is usually in the c:\windows\temp\nailogs directory.

          Do your machines already have VirusScan on them and if so what version/patch.

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            Thanks for the response..... We are not running anything from a command line we are simply running the .exe file.

            Turns out it was just something simple..... copied the .exe directly to the machine (instead of running from a share) - and it worked fine.

            Must just be some funny permissions on that share.

            Thanks - Steve.