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    Scan Engine 5400 has been released for EPO


      It appears that McAfee has just released the new 5400 Scan engine packages for EPO.

      http://www.mcafee.com/apps/downloads/security_updates/engines.asp?region=us&segm ent=enterprise


      - It's faster than before : We've listened to
      our customers who asked for a faster Engine
      and it delivers superior performance to
      current McAfee Anti-Virus products on all
      supported platforms.

      - Improved detection of existing, new and
      potential threats which increases the depth
      and breadth of the protection we provide.

      - Delivered in a engine for all supported platforms
      ~ Enhanced support for Adobe Flash (.swf) file

      ~ Improved File Decomposition, helping us to
      detect more threats. Including enhanced
      support for the Nullsoft Installer file

      - 100% drop-in compatibility with existing McAfee
      Anti-Virus products and DAT files. It's easy to
      upgrade; just update your Scanning Engine through
      ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) and you're protected.
      No worrying about compatibility.

      - We have digitally signed the engine to allow its
      origin and integrity to to be checked.(Windows