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    compliant & non-compliant clients


      We are running VSE 8.5 and 8.7, in ePO 4.5 dashboard all of the 8.5 clients appear to be non-compliant in the 8.7 chart and vice versa. I know this seems obvious because 8.5 is not 8.7 but still should it appear like this? Also the numbers don't really match up, you would expect that the 8.5 pie chart would be the inverse of the 8.7 pie chart but it isn't argh.

      Also, to top it off my client which is 8.7 appears to ePO as 8.5 so it thinks its non-compliant.

      Anyone got any advice? Is the solution here to get everyone onto 8.7 and just forget the 8.5 chart.


        • 1. Edit report - Configure Criteria

          1) it is "normal" that the two piecharts won't "match" (as in "they aren't the inverse of each other")... the difference shows systems that are... not compliant whatsoever... They're the ones you're looking for.

          2) I'd suggest you edit your report (or both of them). In the "Chart" tab, you'll see a button labeled "Configure Criteria". This is where you say what "Compliant" means. It is a group of boolean criteria, so you may say that to be compliant, a system must have (for instance)
          Mcafee Agent 3.14159
          VSE version should be 8.5 OR 8.7 (or should simply be higher than 8)
          VSE DAT should be "within XX version of the one in the repository"
          Then click on OK

          Then in the last tab "Filter" you may filter out system where the "last update" is too old to possibly be up-to-date.

          Enjoy playing ;Dnull
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            McAfee's default queries can't handle the existence of multiple versions of VirusScan. It should be possible to modify them to do the right thing, but I haven't spent any time on this yet.

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              SergeM thanks for that, I just used a more generic dashboard item and changed the thresholds like you said.

              PhilR - yeh theres a query that you can change so its any above 8.5 for example

              Cheers Guys