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    Trouble after updating to 4.5 from 3.6.1p4

      Hello Guys,

      I recently updated my ePO 3.6.1 to 4.5.0, migrating the MSDE db to new SQL 2005 local on the local server.The update was smooth and every thing seems to working fine

      And then we came to notice that most of the clients refuse to update to new agent 4.0 as it blocks frameworkservice.exe [Common Standard Protection:Prevent modification of McAfee Common Management Agent files and settings] . And with a shock i came to know that these clients are still using the policies of the old ePO 3.6.1 and there is no way i can change those policies from my 4.5.0 console

      I have about 700 Clients in 6 location, and it is an impossible task to go to each client and manually remove the agent or VSE.

      If you guys have any idea how can i do it without visiting to each client it would be great relief for me.

      The Scenario is worse, as i have recently joined with this company and it was i who forced them to update to 4.5 and now it has ended up like this

      I seriously need some help on this

      Thank You
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          I can think of 3 things...

          1) spin up the old server or its last backup get back in there and turn off the access protection rules then wait a week and start again

          2) remote console from the VSE install on the server to the machines and disable access protection for 5 minutes while you hit it with a new agent. (this does work but could take you a few days)

          3) set a startup script that disables vse and installs your agent, this could leave you vulnerable if there are any issues though