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    Unique ePO 4.0 Problem with updating Repository

      Here's one for the masses...

      I have a non-public network running ePO 4.0. I have the capability to acess a non-public FTP site to pull down an ePO update package (epo####dat.zip) to check into my master repository.

      Here's my problem...

      Package check-in is a manual process which won't work for my environment. I have a requirement to check for and upload updates everyday and ensure that all of my clients are updated daily with the latest DAT. What I am trying to figure out is if there is a way to automate the package check-in process.

      Here's what I've tried...

      Via batch file, unzipping the package file after download and replacing the current package files in the location I have our UNC master repository (..current\VSSCANDAT1000\DAT\0000. NO GO! Even if the files are replaced with newer ones, ePO doesn't update with the new files.

      Manually replacing the current package files located in the ePO installation path ..\DB\Software\current\etc... with the contents from the zipped package. NO GO! Again, ePO doesn't recognize the new files and won't update the master repository listing.

      My only two options are 1) manually check in the downloaded package file daily or 2) manually download a copy of the McAfee repository via the nai FTP location and upload it to my local UNC master repository daily. The key word here is daily and is not an acceptable solution.

      Can anyone help??? .jsp hacks for the ePO core are welcomed at this point.