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    DLP Agent Encountered A Problem

      Hi im working in a large organisation with 2000+ computers we have roleded out Mcafee DLP Agent and i have noticed an increasing number of calls been logged on the helpdesk with the error:

      "DLP agent has encountered a problem and needs to close, we are sorry for the inconvenience. If you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost" (with the option to Debug or Close).

      No matter what option you take it keeps popping up everytime you open a new window.

      Up to now we have been uninstalling DLP Agent and allowing it to re-install automatically, however the number of calls are increasing, and i am now starting to get the same issue on computers that have already had the agent uninstalled and auto installed.

      Has anyone else had the same issue, is this a known issue, i would be greatful of any help.
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          ePO4, DLP2.2 (patch2?)

          Yes we have the same thing, although its only a small percentage of machines doing it.
          Uninstalling and reinstalling helps sometimes although we think the problem comes back eventually!
          We can't find a common factor, eg machine has a usb printer attached

          I'm planning to upgrade to DLP3.0 to see if that helps sad