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    ePO 4.0 with VSE 8.7 on demand task

      I have searched the forums and haven't seen this same issue and if it is already out there and answered I'm sorry.. I have ePO 4.0 installed and am running VSE 8.7. I am trying to setup an on demand task to run a full system scan on select test systems. I am able to create the task, but it will not run on my systems regardless of the username / password (or blank) that I choose on the task. I've tried both domain and local accts. The agent logs show that there are no policies available for VSE 8.7:

      #680 Manage CManage::EnforcePolicies() - No policies available for - "VIRUSCAN8700".

      I'm using the same policies that I used with VSE 8.5 but am beginning to think that I'm missing a package in the master repository. I have the following packages checked in: VirusScan Enterprise 8.7 install and hotfix and was told that 8.5 policies will work with 8.7 but doubting it now...

      My agents are communicating with the server and downloading other policies and I have verified that HIPS is not blocking as well as Access Protection..

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks! happy