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    Central Management Question


      Hello. I currently have two MWG instances at different locations. If I log into one instance (MWG1) and add the second instance (MWG2) via Appliances under Configuration, I realize that I can't separately manage the policies of each instance. I'll only see policy stuff for MWG1 and if I try to log into MWG2, it'll tell me I cant "Another MWG UI is already attached to this cluster. Please log on to that one."


      So for settings such as CA Certificate Management that would be unique for each instance, how would I manage those separately?

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          Jon Scholten

          The answer to your question is to create two separate rules for applying client context. See screenshot below:


          However... why would you want separate CAs?

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            I see. Thank you for this. It's also got me thinking, because at first I was of the mindset that I'd need to be able to edit and control different settings of each mwg instance. Slightly different policies with different lists, as well as using different CAs at each location for certificate verification et al. Now that think of it further, I can't really think of many reasons to have these differences between each mwg instance. Is there any such case that would warrant that kind of set up or have I just goofed in how I imagined this?