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    Moving EPO4

      I have been trying to move my epo4 patch 5 server to a new server.
      The older system is a 32bit windows server 2003 box with SQL 2000
      The new systems is a 64bit windows server 2008 box with express 2005 advanced SP2

      I followed the steps in

      It all goes well, the new install and the database restore work fine but when I restore the
      ...\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\Server\Conf\Catalina\
      ...\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\Server\Keystore\
      folders I try to login to the epo console.

      Instead of getting the epo console login I get an Orion console login with only one page which has some configuration email information and nothing else.

      When i try installing epo again i check epo before i restore these folders and epo is running with all my policies etc.

      What am i doing wrong? Do i need to restore the old version of the Ketstore or Catalina folders?

        • 1. RE: Moving EPO4
          When i bring over the folders from Catalina it seems that all the xml files point to the program files directory and not program files (x86) as per the new server.
          I am trying a reinstall after a reg hack to get epo to install in program files directory instead of program files (x86).

          • 2. 4.5
            scrap that, best install 4.5 on the old server, install epo 4.5 on the new one which supports x64 (so no program files x86 folder to worry about) and migrate DB and folders to the new server from the old server. This should help
            • 3. 4.5 upgrade and migrate
              I think im going to be having the same issue here. Seems xml files still point to program files directory and not the program files (x86) directory amongst other incorrect mappings.

              Any one else have this issue?

              Anone else migrate epo 4.5 from 32 bit server to 64 bit?
              • 4. dont support 64 bit migration for 32 bit
                When i called Mcafee support an agent told me that there is no way to migrate x86installation of epo 4.5 to a x64 server running epo 4.5.

                Im sure that if I modify the reg as mentioned above it will install in program files and not program files (x86) but that will probably lead to issues down the road.

                I am now rebuilding my 64 bit server to run 2008(x86).
                A lot of time wasted. Hope this post will save someone else time.
                • 5. Re: dont support 64 bit migration for 32 bit

                  Has anyone heard if McAfee will be coming out with a 64 bit version of their EPO software?  If they had a 64 bit app, the install would be back in the program files directory and not in the program files (x86) directory.  Then I think you could migrate to the 64 bit app since the install directories would be same.