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    ePO 3.5 to 4.0 via 3.6.1 - troubles

      Have (had) ePO 3.5 running from 4+ years, last week have started the upgrade process.
      ePO3.5 was on a win2003 R2 with MSDE and the ~100 clients have vse8.5 patch6 and the agent 3.6 since begining 2009 running quite well.

      After last week upgrade on first step to 3.6.1 have encountered following issues:
      #1 Apache.exe run 50% CPU all the time
      #2 Clients agents don't communicate with ePO since upgrade
      #3 Master repository shows no package, sometimes takes forever to open with pop-up 'Downloading the Catalog file, please wait'. Have tried to check in again the vse8.5 package, ePO said it exist and if i want to replace, said yes but Master Repository still empty
      #4 last notification received was also before upgrade

      The organizational structure was converted well, rogue detection works, updates task seems ok, reports too.
      It looks to me like a security keys mess, have tried also to put the .old ones instead with no luck.
      Have read tones of log files, no real clue. Found this on agent log:
      CheckSiteStatus: Failed to download SiteStat.xml from site ePO_RO-S-xxxx, hr=-2147467259

      What you advice me to do now:
      @a keep on with fixing 3.6.1 then go for 4.0 and pray to work well
      @b uninstall 3.6.1, install fresh 4.0 then start over with configuring all clients
      @c ...?

      any other advice wellcome.
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          if you only have 100 clients and dont have 200 odd policy exceptions like me then just go for a new blank install of 4.0 or 4.5 and then force out new clients over the old ones from epo.

          I'd export a client list to pull into epo 4.0/4.5 to help

          This whole thing could be done in 3-4 hours
          • 2. today i took the chance and won
            Early this morning did the second upgrade from the nasty 3.6.1 to 4.0 then P5
            Had in mind that if things go screwed even worse than on first upgrade part will cleanup any sign of ePO from that server and tomorrow will do a fresh install of 4.0

            Very much for my surprise all # from my first post were cured!

            By the end of the day have all the former organization in and 75% compliant, for a vacations month couldn't expect more.

            Now is rolling agent update to 4.00 P2, AntySpyware too and have suceeded also with setting Rogues detection 2.0.2 P2

            Still have to deal next days with some clients with nasty Agent behaviour and some others with real Internet browsing bad habits, get used with the new ePO and then, for some years to come, again Set & Forget (the second part happy