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    WHy can I never view computers agent logs


      For some reason I can never view computers agent logs, it opens up a page for example to say but the page cannot be displayed.
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          For epo 4, I had the same problem on my win2008 server. I had to add the IP address ranges to the local intranet sites in IE security. See microsoft kb 303650 "intranet site is identified as an internet site when you use an fqdn or an ip address"

          Hope this helps you.
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            Could be firewall issues, WINS or DNS Name resolution. In my organization I have faced all 3.
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              What do you mean that you've "faced" all 3????:confused:

              I'm getting the same problem here at my office. I have looked all over for specific settings and can't figure this out!!

              I can use SMS trace... but then i have to UNC to the correct log file
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                I have been part of a team "Consolidating" 13 state agencies. My part is AV. Each Agency had their own way of doing things and we did not have centralized WINS(For older WinTel boxes) or DNS. So name resolution is a huge issue. Further, each agency had their own firewalls so I had issues there as well.

                My main EPO server is now a subnet with the proper ports open on a firewall. For name resolution, I added the each agencies Wins/DNS server to my IP Settings then HOPED I didn't bump into a firewall on their end.

                Some agencies still run some really old Novell Netware stuff and that adds another layer of challenges.
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                  Not sure if it's relevant, probably not, but I have found that systems running the Checkpoint VPN client don't allow me to view the agent logs via http.