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    Reinstalling ePO 3.6.1

      Dear all,
      I have ePO 3.6.1 and I need to reinstall it, when I run the setup, it says its already installed?

      how can I reinstall it, without losing the data of the users, and agents.

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          Why do u need to re install it?

          You can try installing the latest patch for 3.6 or try updating to ePO 4.0
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            why fdo you need to reinstall?

            dont you have a backup you can refer to?

            Failing that try running the latest 3.6.1 patch to resolve issues

            failing that you may need to remove epo then reinstall (but this is alot of work) in which case....

            you can export all your policies out 1 by 1 and also export a computer list
            also backup the KEYS ( this is important or you will lose connectivity with agents)
            remove epo
            reinstall epo check in all the software
            reimport all the policies
            let machines check in or import computer list and run wakeups
            reapply all the policies
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              I have a lot of issues in reporting, I can not see infection events in the reports while I can see it in db tables.

              for not upgrading its, I have perpetual license , so I am not sure how to get license key for 4/4.5

              please advice
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                some easy causes of this:

                you may have duplicate GUIDs if you have been imaging agents (bloody annoying)
                or you may have a broken reporting dll (easy to fix)
                or you may just need to update the reporting naps for the vse point products
                (download the latest reporting naps and install them another easy fix)
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                  yes we have clone the agents, and seems this is the issue we are facing, so whats the solution for that???!!!
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                    if you are cloning pc's or using imaging you need to shutdown the framework service and remove various reg keys beofre you sysprep or if just cloneing 1 to 1 then do this after the fact.

                    some info on duplicate GUID here

                    https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB56086&actp=search&search id=1250773665629

                    how to identify dup GUID in 3.6.xx env here:

                    https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB55010&actp=search&search id=1250773665629

                    ALSO be aware than overinstalls even using /forceinstall with a Mcafee agent version 4.xx dont reset the GUID, this should hopefull be resolved in the next agent patch release for agent 4.0

                    are you sure that you dont just have a bum report dll or need to update the reporting nap though?
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                      It still beggars belief that McAfee can't get something as simple as this right.

                      They should have used domain/workstation name/guid together as their unique identifier. Why? Because you can't have two machines of the same name in the same Windows Active Directory Domain. And the "GUID" covers those machines in generic WORKGROUPs on different sites.

                      I guess that was too obvious for them :-(

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                        okay guys,
                        I think I have to go to the option of fixing current system, so I will have to get rid of this duplications, so all I have to do is delete the registry key and restart FRMWK service??
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                          finish image and ready to sysprep (or store a gho for instance)...

                          stop framework service

                          delete guid key
                          ip key
                          mac key
                          ( I also clear the sequence number)

                          image is now ready

                          when new image is done framework should start again automatically and these values will be regenerated as unique, I then like to wake up the agent GUI and tell it to talk back to the server as this just proves its all ok.

                          for mcafee agent you can do an agent install using the /forceinstall switch to rewrite the GUID as it should do this when it overinstalls. For Mcafee agent 4.xx you cant right now as it leaves that part, this should be latered in the next agent 4.0 version (supposedly)
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